What person (that you know) do you want to be better friends with?

This mostly applies to tumblr peeps, because out of real-life friends, I have a fairly small circle and there’s very little in between ‘aquaintance’ and ‘good friend’. I guess you could say they’re pretty established, and I’m fine with that. 

So, with tumblr, I want to become better friends with people because I simply haven’t met them outside of the internet. The first few that come to mind are:


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If you could have tea with anyone, living or dead, who would you share a cuppa with? :D


Because we’ve never met in person and it needs to happen. <3 

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Reblog if you will answer EVERY ANON in your ask right now.

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Your cat either looks attached or like it’s going for your hair in that middle photo


Literally, all I was trying to do was take a selfie with my Loki shirt and my Moriarty hat because obviously awesome villains are awesome, and then my cat came out of nowhere and tried to chew on me. 

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I was tagged, by default, in this ‘post six selfies’ thing by brainbarnacles (yeah, lookin’ at you, that’s right, YOU), so here, have a motley assortment of my ridiculous face. :P 

Tagging… whoever wants to do it. ^^ 

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Oops, forgot about these. Took a few that at least show the entire costume and where it’s at so far. Still a bit to do, but not until I get more materials.

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Got My Eye On You 

A little cosplay fun, based on this brilliant fanart by Samoubica. :D

Tony Stark | Thor | Loki

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but i will hold on as long as you like
    just promise me we'll be alright
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How did you make the loki outfit in the photo set you reblogged?

Hey there! Short version—I collected a ridiculous number of references photos, drew out the designs, and then basically patterned and made the costume from scratch. I put up all my WIP photos in my #mischief in progress tag, so feel free to take a look at those, and if you’ve got more specific questions, I’m happy to try to answer them as best I can. :) 

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"Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already."

—(via suspend)
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And a few more from the ‘not-quite-finished’ photo session today. :P 

Loki | theshatteredsilhouette
Photographer | myrddin-emrys

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A. G. R. A. What’s that?
My initials.

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as if the finale wasn’t enough…they extended it

what gave you the right

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Loki’s Purpose: Thor vs. Thor: The Dark World

AKA Odin’s a Dickwad.

"AKA Odin’s a Dickwad."

Respectfully, no. He is not. He just has some writers that seem like they thought they could throw this scene together after the fact and make us a little more sorry for Loki. 

Odin in Thor is completely different from Odin in Thor: The Dark World. The Odin we knew from the first film is stern but not cruel. He was wrong to keep the truth from Loki, but his intentions were good, and when the truth came out, he was honest about it. He loved Loki as as son, even if he could not relate to him as well as he did to Thor, and I am quite convinced he blamed himself at least partially for the path that Loki took as a result. 

Odin in TDW is just vicious. He uses Loki’s own weapons against him, cutting him off, twisting his words, hurting him in his most vulnerable points—namely, Frigga, and his true parentage. Instead of “you are my son and I wanted only to protect you”, it’s “I made you my son and you should be grateful I didn’t let you die”. 

I don’t get why Odin changed so much. He was a wonderful character, if flawed, in the first film, and then this happened. 

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