it’s a really hard line to walk when you’re sad but you also want to wrap everyone up in your arms and tell them to never be sad ever. 

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Two people in as many days have asked if I’ve considered being an actress. o_O

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"Ride now! Ride! Ride to ruin and the world’s ending!"

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another meme i won’t finish - 2/20 male characters
↳ heimdall

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Sherlock Creative Challenge

↳ [14] 3 Colours - Black/White/Red

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After I saw your photoset I couldn’t resist!

Ohmygosh this is great. xD 

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i have the incredible urge to photoshop these into one image so like Sigyn is up against Loki.

You totally have my permission to do that if you want. xD 

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Loki and Sigyn

Ahaha, now this is amusing. Couldn’t resist. xD 

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Closet Cosplay #3—Sigyn 

I’m, uh, not sure what version of Sigyn this is—my own, I guess. There are so many (myth, fan, comic, etc) that I just sort of whipped together something that would like the wife of Loki. 

I did already have the dress, and it is not an accident that it has some Loki-esque details; I made it for a dance this past spring. ^^ The wig, beads and all, is from myrddin-emrys who is using it for an Elf, and the dagger, obviously, is Loki’s. 

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"Come home." 

Loki | Silhouette Cosplay
Lady Thor | fibonaccisgoldensnare
Photographer | myrddin-emrys

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The Sorting Hat of Harry Potter and Myers-Briggs Personality Typology

MB personality type and Jungian functions matched up with Hogwarts houses

But just remember: “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

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